Law Offices of Marc Dann

Cleveland 216-373-0539
Youngstown 330-759-4155

3515 Prospect Ave.
Cleveland OH 44115

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2 comments on “Law Offices of Marc Dann
  1. Roger Tanner says:

    Please call me ,at 419-788-3086. Thank you .

  2. Robert Vondrick says:

    We need help with a foreclosure!! We are on the 4th servicer and their 4th attempt to foreclose. 33 packages filled out by us for modification.
    Hardships :
    2009 Bob was laid off
    2010 Bob was seriosly ill
    2011 13 year old Child hospitalized
    2011 Bobs wages were cut from Salary to Mileage Bridgette first became sick with Kidney and Female issues. Youngest child having abdominal issues bring treated at Cleveland Clinic
    1998- present Our daughter has been treated for a chronic illness with flare ups requiring immediate treatment and requiring Bridgette to miss 7-10 days of work.
    2012 Bridgette diagnosed with pre cancer cells. Bridgette has several surgeries.
    2012 Robert in hospitalized in ICU medical issues continue with 13 + daily meds
    2013 Bridgette. Hospitalized and surgery. Bridgette forced to resign from job or be terminated over FMLA PAPERWORK .. she refused to fill out because it require too much medical information released to Company ( that was not there business).
    2013 15 year old hospitalized with acute infection.
    We hired a bankruptcy attorney in 2009 that failed to file. Paid a 2nd Attorney to file it July 19, 2010 (just in time to stop the sheriff sale). We spent $6000 + on a foreclosure attorney that dropped us because we missed an appointment with him. Bob was in Canada working and Bridgette was recovering from surgery and on pain killers not driving and no ability to be coherent in legal matters without Bob present.l Dan McGookey’s. Office was told this before the appointment!!!
    We have dealt with :
    2009 first Franklin loan services
    2010 US Bank
    2010- 2013 Bank of America
    2013 to present Nationstar Mortgage — they are currently forcing us to do a deed in lieu giving us 30 days from 12/31/13 to be out.of course in the middle of winter and both being off since Christmas we will be sleeping in our van.
    We have been given 30+ different reasons for ” not qualifying for modification under Hardest Hit funds,. Bridgette is not on the Loan but please speak with her on this I may be on the road after Tomorrow
    ( we are both off right now due to weather )

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