Hugo Boss Settlement Presents an Opportunity to Do the the Right Thing

Today’s settlement between Hugo Boss and the worker’s at its Cleveland Plant presents an opportunity to all who care about the future of Ohio and its hard working manufacturing workers.  It also presents an opportunity to   those of us who understand the value of organized labor.

All of us should step up and put our money where our mouth is to support the men and women who work extremely hard for low wages to manufacture apparel right here in Cleveland Ohio.

Lets reward the company for doing the right thing in returning to the bargaining table (even if it took an order from the NLRB to get them there) and the workers who had the courage to stand up for themselves and their way of life. We can do that by actually buying the goods that are made at the plant and other goods by the first American apparel company in a long time to stand up for working class Americans.

Those workers will soon be spending that money on groceries, cars, insurance, improvements,their children’s tuition and even lawyers.  We are all winners today.

Father’s day is right around the  corner. I admit that this stuff sells for more than I’m used to paying for clothes but who knows I might find something to make me look thinner.

Here are some places we can pay these brave workers back by proving Hugo Boss Right for betting on Cleveland:

Designer Apparel



Success at Hugo Boss will encourage other companies to do the right thing.

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