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Regarding the Ohio Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Counsel

Please be assured that I am currently practicing law in good standing and am working hard for my clients. I have and continue to take responsibility for my actions and I am working constructively with the Disciplinary Counsel to bring this matter to final resolution.

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Momentum Grows For Ohio False Claims Act

By enacting and Ohio False Claims Act the Ohio Legislature can enact a bill that will close the state budget deficit and root out fraud and corruption. The only thing standing in the way are the industries that have been fleecing Ohio taxpayers for generations.

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Class action suits filed against US Bank and Bank of America by Attorneys Marc Dann and Jim Douglass for failure to fulfill obligations under the Federal Home Affordable Modification Program

On February 7, 2011, attorneys Marc Dann and James Douglass filed two similar class action lawsuits – one against US Bank Home Mortgage and the other against Bank of America and BAC Home Loan Servicing, LP.  Both banks have failed

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Ohio Needs a State False Claims Act

I agree with Attorney General Mike DeWine. Ohio needs a state false claims act. In today’s Dayton Daily News the newly elected Attorney General added his support to the support of of Ohio’s last 4 Attorneys General  who all supported

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Affidavits Not Enough to Prove Ownership of a Mortgage Note

Building on the landmark Wells Fargo v. Jordan Decision, Ohio’s 8th District Court of Appeals (Cuyahoga County) ruled this week that an affidavit alleging that a foreclosure plaintiff held the note prior to filing of a complaint for foreclosure is

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Momentum for Local Fair Contracting:Franklin County Updates its Fair Contracting Policies

Franklin County has updated its policies and bid specifications to make sure that only law abiding companies are awarded county contract. More importantly it gives a bidding advantage to companies that treat their workers fairly by paying the legally required

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$26 Million Recovered for Ohio Medicaid Because Two Courageous Whistleblowers Stuck Their Neck Out To Make Sure that Poor Children and Their Families Got the Healthcare That Taxpayers were Paying For

From Today’s Columbus Dispatch: …Not long after Robin Herzog started a nursing job with a managed-health-care company, she started feeling sick. “You know how you get that knotty feeling … in your stomach that something isn’t right? That’s how it

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