Momentum Grows For Ohio False Claims Act

From Today’s Columbus Dispatch:

Describing the Care Source Settlement:

“The case also highlights how Ohio could benefit from enacting its own False Claims Act.

“If we had that in place, our percentage of the (CareSource) settlement would have gone up 10 percent,” said Attorney General Mike DeWine, referring to the state’s $10 million share of the settlement. A recent change in federal law gives a larger cut to states with laws similar to the Federal False Claims Act, signed into law by President Abraham Lincoln because suppliers were spiking Union gunpowder with sawdust.”

This should be the easiest vote of the 2011-2012 legislative session.

By enacting an Ohio False Claims Act the Ohio Legislature can enact a bill that will close the state budget deficit and root out fraud and corruption. The only thing standing in the way are the industries that have been fleecing Ohio taxpayers for generations.

If you agree, Sign the petition we will pass the results on to the members of the Ohio General Assembly and Governor Kasich:

Better yet, pass the link on to others who agree that the State of  Ohio should enlist its citizens in the fight against government fraud.

For more information about Whistleblower Law.

Marc Dann

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