Regarding the Ohio Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Counsel

You may have seen recent news reports regarding a complaint filed against me by Ohio Supreme Court’s Disciplinary Counsel.  The complaint references issues that led me to resign as Ohio Attorney General in 2008.  This is hopefully,  the last chapter in a difficult journey over the past two and one half years.

I have been taking to take responsibility for my actions. I have used this challenge in my life to refocus on the reason I originally chose to practice law, which is to help people in need.

Please be assured that I am currently practicing law in good standing and am working hard for my clients.

I have and continue to take responsibility for my actions and I am working constructively with the Disciplinary Counsel to bring this matter to final resolution.

Thank you to all my clients for their continued faith in my ability to represent them fairly and zealously.


Marc Dann, Esq.

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