Grace Doberdruk Joins Law Offices of Marc Dann Co. LPA

March 14, 2011


Grace Doberdruk joins the Law Office of Marc E. Dann Co. LPA

As of January 27, 2011, Grace Doberdruk has joined the Law Office of Marc E. Dann Co. LPA as an Associate Attorney focused on fighting foreclosure fraud.

Marc Dann, along with his colleague Jim Douglass, recently filed three major class action lawsuits aimed at preventing foreclosure fraud; the first against Lerner Sampson & Rothfuss accusing the foreclosure mill law firm of routinely filing un-provable foreclosure suits through the use of false and manufactured documentation.  Two more class action suits quickly followed, one against Bank of America and the other against US Bank Home Mortgage, alleging failure to offer permanent loan modifications to HAMP program participants.

With these major lawsuits at hand, in addition to many individual foreclosure defense cases, Dann welcomes the talents of Doberdruk.

“Grace came to my office seeking advice on a foreclosure case she was handling and I was so impressed with her skills, her potential and her passion for the issue, that I asked her to join the team,” said Dann.

Doberdruk received several notable accolades while a student at Cleveland Marshall College of Law, including the Barrister Scholarship, the CALI Excellence for the Future Award, the Frank L. Bartak Award as Outstanding Student in Torts and an Associate position on the Journal of Law & Health.

After graduating law school with honors, Doberdruk went on to start her own practice focused on civil litigation, including foreclosure.



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One comment on “Grace Doberdruk Joins Law Offices of Marc Dann Co. LPA
  1. Theresa Denner says:

    I financed my home with Citigroup in 1998 and was securitized immediately with the SEC. I have the docs. The Franklin County Recorders office has a document from Lerner, Sampson & Rothfuss assignming my mortgage fron Contimortgage to Manufacturer Trade and Trust dated 02/03/03. And there have been several transfers after that. My mortgage is a mess. They are trying to foreclose on me now under LNV Corp. I requested in front of the judge that they provide the original not due to the securitization and the mess the assignments are in. He indicated it was not needed. I have a mediation hearing on Nov 22nd. I don’t even know who really owns my loan right now. SEC indicates investors?

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