New York Attorney General Takes On New York Foreclosure Mill

New York Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has issued subpoenas to The Baum Law Firm according to today’s New York Times

The Baum firm is engaged in the very same conduct as Ohio Foreclosure Mill Lerner Sampson and Rothfuss.  Here is how the New York Times Describes the new probe:

“Scrutiny of the Baum firm has increased in recent months after significant errors surfaced nationwide in legal paperwork used by banks to seize delinquent borrowers’ homes. For example, documents detailing how much borrowers owe have been signed by bank representatives who say they have not verified the information. Other problems involve the questionable notarization of documents, or paperwork indicating that the foreclosure process was begun without providing proof that the entities involved had the legal right to foreclose.”

Sound Familiar?

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One comment on “New York Attorney General Takes On New York Foreclosure Mill
  1. […] the right to invoke the jurisdiction of the courts in Ohio. In New York, the Attorney General has issued subpoenas and launched an investigation of such a law firm. There is no indication that Ohio’s Attorney General has similar plans. In […]

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