Investigations Continue of Foreclosure Law Firms

While many of the largest banks in the United States have entered in to a consent decree to review millions of foreclosures to determine whether or not they had proper standing to sue, Law Firms who filed those lawsuits continue to file cases where they know or should have known that their clients didn’t have the right to invoke the jurisdiction of the courts in Ohio.
In New York, the Attorney General has issued subpoenas and launched an investigation of such a law firm. There is no indication that Ohio’s Attorney General has similar plans.
In Ohio on behalf of some of our clients we are actively investigating potential claims that the following law firms filed cases when they knew or should have known that their client didn’t have the right to sue.  Those firms are:
Laurito & Laurito
Shapiro Van Ness, Phillips and Barragate
Reisenfeld & Associates
Manley Deas Kochalski
Law Office of John Clunk
Reimer Arnovitz et al.
Felty & Lembright
Law Office of Steven Miles
Keith Weiner and Associates
Carlisle McNally et al.
We are anxious to hear  about foreclosure cases that have been voluntarily dismissed or dismissed by a court for lack of standing by any of these law firms.
Marc Dann
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One comment on “Investigations Continue of Foreclosure Law Firms
  1. john dowd says:

    I have not seen an example of a wrongful-foreclosure handled as poorly as mine…my case has been going on for 9-years and still isn’t over, we were told that the mortgage company can’t afford to lose this case, to us!! My husband and I both, are retired military veterans, both had a 750-credit score and a small business, of which we went to school for, as a second career. Our mortgage company had made a mistake that they acknowledged making during Mediation 2007, over 5-years ago, and they had agreed to settle the case way back then. The problem is they left the case with a Law firm, who evidently hid and dragged the case out for an additional 5-years to churn legal fees… and they would have continued going on unnoticed… with no intention of ending it…until about 6-months ago, when after having all of our accounts, disability and income suddenly garnished, I began asking questions straight to the mortgage company…i.e. what happened to settlement! I told them that this is the perfect case for Occupy Wall Street! The mortgage company seemed surprised that the case was still going on! Also, after getting garnished we filed our second attempt at a bankruptcy…after finding out that the case was still going on, the mortgage company told their attorney to settle immediately, they asked him for an accounting of the case and they took steps to stop their attorney’s churning and helped us to get the case to bankruptcy protections, NOW, they seems to be trying to sweep these damages under the rug. This huge financial company’s leader recently described the company as “stupid” in national news reports…but they are trying to show that 2-billion dollar mistake as an isolated incident….but it’s not…as their allowing this case to continue without settling, shows that poor management is not isolated, but overall. We continue to suffer greatly because we still can’t use our earned military (VA) benefits, our 750-credit score was destroyed, and we ended up filing bankruptcy, (though we have no unsecured debt). We have documentation, proof of everything, I even made up flyers, poems, filed complaints with the bar association, better business, comptrollers, and anywhere. After reading a couple of your items it seems this is the case you are looking for. If you request I can send you correspondence, I know that one day this story will be told, it fits too many angles and we are “really” credible people. Thank you for your time.

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