If You Settled A Case Involving A Foreclosure Mill Law Firm Involving Excessive Costs and Fees Let Us Know

The Denver Post reports today that the Colorado State Attorney General is looking at Consumer violations related to the over-billing practices of the second largest foreclosure mill law firm in that state.

When we are negotiating settlements for our clients, we pay close attention to the fees and litigation costs that lenders and loan servicers try to add to the capitalized costs in modifications or to reinstatement or pay off figures. This is a way to reduce long term principal owed by our clients.

It made me start to think about those who are unrepresented in process. If its happened to you, you might want to call a lawyer to discuss whether or not you have claims against the foreclosure mill that added those charges.


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2 comments on “If You Settled A Case Involving A Foreclosure Mill Law Firm Involving Excessive Costs and Fees Let Us Know
  1. Karen Wampler says:

    YES! , this has just happened to us! On Aug 13th, Nationstar banksters’ minions demanded $16,000 to “re-instate” our loan OR “else”. We paid the 16 grand! Now, as of Aug 24th when we finally received a printed payoff amt (which we requested 3 weeks ago) dated on the 20th both by fax and regular mail. Now THEY say they need 11,500 MORE! THAT totals $27,000 on a loan that we had already paid down over the last 12 yrs) to 14,000 to start with! What a nightmare! 2 of the faxes were time stamped 2 hours apart and surprise had 2 different payoff amounts! The later one had $1400 EXTRA for “legal fees” which were already paid on the 13th in the EXCESSIVE amount of over $6,000. What in the sam hell would they have done for “legal charges” or “fees” in just 7 days???? This WHOLE Wallstreet mortgage meltdown bullshit is nothing but EXTORTION plain and simple!!!!! Oh yea…. did I mention the first printed offer for “reinstatement was for $13,801! dated on Aug 9th!!!!!!!!!!!!! CROOKS! Hopefully, justice will be sweet!

    • Karn Wampler says:

      Foreclosure Mill LLC Shapiro Van Ness out of Cincinnatti supposedly in the course of representing BofA servicing “settled” what they called a “reinstatement fee” with us on our mortgage in August 2013 to the tune of $16,000. We complied due to their extortion scheme because of their threat of foreclosure. Here’s the kicker……BofA no longer had standing or a claim to this property in the first place due to the fact that BofA NO LONGER HELD OUR LOAN! THEY SOLD IT TO NATIONSTAR JUNE 2013. The Principle balance on this loan was only $16,127.00 to start with. We need Dann law firm to represent us to gain reparations and serve justice on these ilk.

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