Payday Lenders Must Be Stopped in Court

By Marc Dann

As a member of the Ohio Senate and then as Attorney General I found myself constantly fighting to find ways to protect consumers form high interest short-term lenders. Like water flowing around rocks, these predatory lenders keep reinventing themselves and preying on vulnerable financially distressed hard working people.

Like Freddie Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street series payday lenders return reinvented as “car title lenders” or “short term mortgage lenders”. What remains the same are the outrageous interest rates their brutal collection tactics

ProPublica Outlines their aggressive legislative tactics that such lenders use to thwart legislative change. They hire the top lobbyists, the force their employees to stage fake demonstrations and they contribute millions to state legislative campaigns.

Legislation enacted has been filled with loopholes, ignored or worked around. Sheryl Harris of the Cleveland Plain Dealer outlines the history in Ohio here.

Increasingly its become clear that the best way to stop these predatory lenders is in court. Anyone is stuck in the payday loan cycle should record their collection calls, gather their documents and go see an aggressive consumer lawyer

Marc Dann, a former Ohio Attorney General is a partner in The Dann Law Firms, which include the Ohio Law Firm of Dann, Doberdruk & Harshman, the Oregon Consumer Law Center and Payton Dann in Chicago Illinois

In Ohio

In Illinois

In Oregon

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