Colorado Investigation Shows That Ohio Homeowners Who Settled Foreclosure Case Should Take a Close Look at Fees They Were Charged.

The investigation of excessive fees charged to homeowners and banks by Foreclosure mill lawyers in Colorado by Colorado Attorney General John Suthers  detailed in a series of articles in the Denver Post should cause homeowners in Ohio who have reached settlements in foreclosure cases to take a close look at their settlement agreements.


The Denver Post reports that Foreclosure Mill Law Firms in Colorado have been charging fees to homeowners who redeem their home in foreclosure phantom fees and inflated costs that are often generated by companies owned by or affiliated with the foreclosure mill law firms.


As we litigate and often settle foreclosure cases on behalf of Ohio homeowners we are constantly on the look out for unfair fees that Lenders and their Foreclosure Mill lawyers have constantly attempted to add to our clients loan balances or sought as part of reinstatement of their loan.


In Ohio, as in Colorado, Foreclosure Mill Law Firms like Lerner Sampson and Rothfuss, Manley Deas Kochalski, Shapiro Van Ness, Reisenfeld and Associates, the Law Office of John Clunk and Weltman Weinberg also own companies that charge banks and ultimately consumers for sometimes unnecessary title searches and process serving.  We’ve caught some of these firms trying to charge consumers for filing fees that will ultimately be returned to the lawyers and other unnecessary costs.


Unrepresented Homeowners who settled foreclosure cases with a foreclosure mill law firm should take a close look at their reinstatement or redemption statements, and if they see suspicious fees they should reach out to a lawyer to see if they might have a claim against the foreclosure mill that charged the fees.


Marc Dann Can be reached at or 877-475-8100

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2 comments on “Colorado Investigation Shows That Ohio Homeowners Who Settled Foreclosure Case Should Take a Close Look at Fees They Were Charged.
  1. Karn Wampler says:

    Yes! We have been victim to the shady extortion practices of Shapiro, Van Ess, Phillips and Barragate, LLP out of Cincinnati as recently as 8/14/13. They ARE the classic example of Foreclosure Mill attnys in the name of Nationstar Mortgage out of Lewisville, TX. We have overwhelming evidence right here on our kitchen table of the paper trail leading to the obvious violations Shapiros’ office committed. Evidence from an “attempted” wrongful foreclosure which was thankfully vacated at the last minute to the extortion of $16,000 on a mortgage that only had $14,000 principle left to start with; of which only $4000 was due. Now, today they want an ADDITIONAL $11,500 by 9/30 for a “payoff amount”. These two amounts together total Over $27,000! WHAT? That’s not to mention the threats, incompetence, deceitful service, and inaccurate financial accounting we have experienced through Nationstar Mortgage Extortionists. We WILL be contacting your office at the beginning of business hours tomorrow. Given everything I have researched on the case and the incredible information from your website it will be a slam dunk. I feel confident with your expertise and due diligence this case will finalize with a lucrative outcome in reparations and a Win for Justice!

  2. Helen says:

    If your office would actual argue that MERS likes a money transmitter license (which you should know about since you even wrote papers on it) most of these foreclosures would stop. MERS cannot transfer money (or the alleged purported interest in a note) without licensing since they claim overwhelming not to be a note holder, but a placeholder only for recordation purposes. They are in line with a check cashing business or online money transmitter business, yet they continue to slide money between parties without licensing and no one wants to bring it up.

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