Learn the Top Strategy to Stop Foreclosure in Ohio

There are many potential ways to stop foreclosure, and each case is quite different, depending on the unique nature of your mortgage and the actions of your bank. Nevertheless, there are a number of steps you can take to give yourself the best chance against your lender in a foreclosure action.

And the best foreclosure attorneys in Ohio typically follow a consistent course of action when taking on the nation’s biggest banks. Listed below are just a few of the many steps that may constitute the top strategy to stop foreclosure in Ohio:

  1. Go on the offensive. Since roughly 90 percent of Ohio homeowners don’t fight a home foreclosure action, mortgage lenders are accustomed to having a legal advantage against people who represent themselves. But with the aid of an Ohio foreclosure defense attorney, you can turn the tables on the bank, and force it to explain the legal sufficiency of its action. Banks aren’t used to having to fight, and an immediate attack often catches them by surprise. 
  2. Hunt for holes in the foreclosure complaint. Of course, if you’re going to go after your lender, you’ll need some ammunition. If you’re following the top strategy to stop foreclosure in Ohio, you and your attorney should first examine your lender’s complaint to foreclose the mortgage. Ohio law requires lenders to jump through several procedural hoops before they can foreclose. Banks, through both error and fraud, routinely miss several of these hoops. 
  3. Create a plan of attack. Some foreclosure attorneys may want to throw the kitchen sink at your lender in one fell swoop. This approach, however, is often counterproductive. To build the best strategy to stop your Ohio foreclosure, your attorney will want to create a specific timeline for attacking the underlying foreclosure complaint. 
  4. Don’t bow to pressure. During the foreclosure process, you may receive a flood of frightening letters: Notice letters, demands for payment, and collection warnings are just some of the intimidating notes that may appear in your mailbox. But don’t fret. Simply show these documents promptly to your Ohio foreclosure attorneys, and let them decide whether the letters are important, or simply hollow threats. 

In summary, developing a top strategy to fight foreclosure in Ohio requires a careful examination of your mortgage, promissory note, and initial foreclosure complaint, among other documents.

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