How to Save Your Home from Foreclosure in Ohio

If you’re an Ohio homeowner who recently received notice of a foreclosure summons from your mortgage lender, you may be wondering how in the world you’ll be able to save your home. But you should know that the fight has just begun.

Fighting your mortgage lender in court doesn’t provide a guarantee that you’ll be able to save your home from foreclosure, but it certainly gives you a good chance. To that end, here is how to save your home from foreclosure in Ohio:

  • Don’t miss the 28-day answer deadline. Within 28 days of receiving a court summons (this is the frightening document that says your mortgage lender has officially filed a foreclosure action), you MUST file some sort of answer in court. If you fail to meet this deadline, your lender could obtain a default judgment, which makes it much more difficult to save your home from foreclosure in Ohio. 
  • Contact an Ohio foreclosure attorney. If you’re serious about saving your home from foreclosure, you may need someone with real experience to guide you through the court process. Contact an Ohio foreclosure attorney and ask about their rates, experience, and typical foreclosure defense strategy. 
  • Save all documents you receive from your lender. In their haste to foreclose on homes, mortgage lenders often make a litany of mistakes that could jeopardize their ability to obtain a judgment. By saving everything you receive from your lender, you could preserve proof of any crucial missteps by your mortgage servicer. 
  • Buckle in for the long haul. In Ohio, the typical foreclosure case lasts longer than 360 days. And since most cases are uncontested, this figure probably skews higher for homeowners who choose to fight their foreclosure. On the bright side, this gives homeowners more time to stay in their homes and craft a viable foreclosure defense. But it also requires a great deal of patience. 

During the housing bubble that peaked in 2007, housing prices rose at such a consistent rate that banks started making as many home loans as possible. With the rush to extend millions of loan, banks often neglected to file the proper closing paperwork.

If you and your Ohio foreclosure defense attorney are able to discover fatal flaws in the initial mortgage documents, you may be able to save your home from foreclosure altogether.

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