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Foreclosure Law in Practice – What it Means for You

In theory, foreclosure sounds like a complete mismatch between a homeowner and an aggressive bank. But in reality, many homeowners are successfully defending their homes against their mortgage lenders. In order to learn more about foreclosure law in practice, and

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Bankruptcy Isn’t Always The Best Option for Those Facing Foreclosure

A recent law review article Saving Homes? Bankruptcies and Loan Modifications in the Foreclosure Crisis provides evidence that Bankruptcy may not be the best route for homeowners facing imminent foreclosure, especially in Judicial Foreclosure states like Oregon. Raising defenses in

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Distressed Homeowners Now Have Legal Protection Against Lenders Who Fail to Assist With Loan Modifications, Short Sales, Forbearance Agreements or other Remedies.

             Homeowners who have been abused or ignored in the process of seeking a Loan Modification, Short Sale or other loss mitigation remedy now have the right to take their loan servicer to court under regulations that took effect on

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Foreclosure Lawyers Can Help You Keep Your Home

Foreclosure mills, the law firms hired to fight foreclosure cases for mortgage lenders, are typically staffed with people who are highly skilled at taking homes. In response, many homeowners choose to seek the aid of their own foreclosure attorney. By

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