Best Real Estate Lawyers in Ohio

In Ohio, due to the complexity of even the most mundane real estate transactions, many experts recommend the use of a real estate attorney for both buyers and sellers.

But simply grabbing a passing attorney isn’t the best strategy. Buyers and sellers should do their homework before hiring a real estate attorney. To help with this decision, listed below are a few of the traits of the best real estate lawyers in Ohio:

Relevant real estate experience. Experience is crucial in real estate. But not all real estate experience is created equal. For example, an attorney who is well-versed in large commercial transactions may not be the right resource for a smaller real estate sale. Likewise, a lawyer experienced in home sales may not be best equipped to handle a larger commercial sale. Ask your attorney whether he has experience with your type of transaction before hiring him or her.

Knowledge of local transfer rules. As the old adage goes, the key to real estate is “location, location, location.” The same rule applies in real estate law. Different Ohio counties have different property transfer requirements, involving details like transfer taxes, water bills, and the like, so make sure your real estate lawyer knows the local rules of your particular county in Ohio.

Strong communication skills. In the midst of such complex transactions, some attorneys forget to communicate with their clients. The best real estate lawyers in Ohio keep their clients updated on the proceedings, especially if they encounter difficulties. In addition, good communicators are better able to deal with the various players in a real estate sale, like appraisers, inspectors, lenders, and title insurance company employees.

Comfort with negotiations. You will likely conduct several negotiations during your real estate transactions. First, and most importantly, you’ll negotiate the terms of the sale with the other party. And if you’re the buyer, you’ll also have to negotiate the terms of a home loan with a mortgage lender. These discussions can be perilous for the inexperienced. The best real estate lawyers in Ohio are able to hold their own during these negotiations.

The sale or purchase of a home in Ohio is accompanied by a litany of unforeseen difficulties, like recording deeds, inspecting homes, and title insurance complications. The best real estate attorneys in Ohio can help guide you through this complex process. 

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