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FHFA Decision May Signal Beginning of Principal Reductions For Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac Loans

             One of the most frustrating parts of representing homeowners facing foreclosure over the past six years has been the steadfast refusal of the two biggest players in the mortgage marketplace, Fannie Mae and Freddie

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Homeowners Frustrated By Loan Modification Process can Sue Under New CFPB Regulations

Today’s Plain Dealer reports on our groundbreaking case against J.P. Morgan Chase for their failure to process our client’s loan modification package in an timely fashion and for foreclosing on our client while a completed loan modification application had been submitted to Chase. New

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JP Morgan Chase tells a current borrower to default in order to apply for a loan modification then files for foreclosure instead; The Dann Law firm files one of the first cases in Ohio alleging violations of the new Federal consumer protections and real estate procedure laws in response

There are a number of reasons that people fall into foreclosure, but following the directions given to you by your servicers should never be one of them. However, that’s exactly what happened to Bethanne Wasko. Bethanne had always made the

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