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Ohio Legislature Is Fighting the Wrong Battle Public Employees Wages and Benefits are Not the Problem Too Much Government Is the Real Problem

It is proof SB 5, the Ohio Legislature’s effort to gut collective bargaining for public employees is only about attacking pubic employee unions who those legislators view as a political enemy is that the conservative legislators promoting this effort are

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Construction Trades Unions and Lawyers Need to Be More Active than Ever to Promote and Enforce Fair Contracting and Prevailing Wage Law

The shift in leadership in the Ohio Governor’s Office and the Ohio House of Representatives will result in priority changes in state government that will shift the responsibility from state government  back to employees, labor unions their  lawyers to enforce

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Hugo Boss Settlement Presents an Opportunity to Do the the Right Thing

I admit that this stuff sells for more than I’m used to paying for clothes but who knows I might find something to make me look thinner.

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