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Marc Dann

Dann PhotoFormer Ohio Attorney General Marc Dann has been fighting for homeowners, consumers and small businesses since he began his private practice in 1990 after serving as Antitrust Director for the West Virginia Attorney General’s office.

Dann has represented thousands of consumers and brought dozens of class action cases on behalf of consumers both in private practice and as Ohio’s Attorney General.

As Member of the Ohio Senate in from 2003 through 2006 he co-sponsored a comprehensive predatory lending law that was among the best in the nation, Dann also introduced bills and amendments to strengthen and protect Ohio Consumers. Those legislative efforts include bills and amendments to extend the statute of limitations for victims of Child Sexual Abuse, to expand and protect the rights of victims of crime, extending the reach of the Ohio Consumer Sales Practices Act, the federal telephone solicitation act.

Concerned with loan origination practices, Dann ran for Ohio Attorney General with a platform to protect homeowners, Working with the issue as Attorney General, Dann also directed his attention to servicing and foreclosure practices of mortgage lenders and servicers. Dann initiated Securities Fraud Claims against creators of Mortgage Backed Securities on behalf of Ohio’s Public Pension Funds, created with Governor Ted Strickland Ohio’s Save the Dream program, to provide one stop services to Ohio Homeowners facing foreclosure, assembled Ohio’s Organized Crime Commission to mobilize Mortgage Fraud Task Forces in Ohio’s major cities, challenged the standing of mortgage servicers to foreclose in cases where the State of Ohio was a party and worked with Former Ohio Chief Justice Tom Moyer to organize over 1200 volunteer lawyers to represent Homeowners in foreclosure.

Dann is an active member of SAGE (Society of Attorneys General Emeritus) and the Democratic Attorney General’s Association.

Upon leaving office in May 2008, Dann volunteered to represent homeowners facing foreclosure and became even more concerned about the standing of certain servicers to foreclose on his clients. Recognizing that the problem of fraudulent foreclosure practices was epidemic in Ohio, Marc Dann established the Dann Law Firm representing more than 200 homeowners in foreclosure in more than 40 different counties in Ohio.

In 2011, Dann and other lawyers filed a class action case against Ohio’s largest Foreclosure Mill Law Firm and has brought dozens of actions against Mortgage Loan Servicers and the Law firms that represent them under the Fair Debt Collection Practices Act and Ohio’s Consumer Sales Practices Act. Dann is currently Lead Counsel in a putative class action Hlavsa v. Bank of America on behalf of homeowners promised and denied HAMP modifications.
In 2012 Dann and other lawyers filed a second class action against Foreclosure Mills and Lender Processing Services over fraudulent practices in the foreclosure process.

Dann’s firm has won dozens of dismissals of foreclosure cases filed against its clients, has facilitated the settlement of more than 100 foreclosure cases to the satisfaction of its clients and has won motions to vacate foreclosure judgments overturned on behalf of clients on motions to vacate.
Significant rulings achieved by Dann include:

*A ruling that an unattached allonge to a promissory note is not enforceable.
*A ruling that a Foreclosure Plaintiff that does not hold the note and mortgage prior to filing a foreclosure complaint does not have standing to invoke the subject matter jurisdiction of the Ohio Courts.

Dann is a graduate of the Max Gardner Boot Camp the most comprehensive training in Foreclosure Defense in the nation.

Unafraid to take on the largest financial institutions in the country, the Dann Law Firm has also become a resource to businesses in disputes with banks and other lenders who are fearful of the conflicts of interests that burden larger business law firms.

Expanding beyond representing homeowners, the Dann Law Firm has brought cutting edge consumer cases in the state and federal courts. Marc Dann is also experienced in representing construction trade labor unions, workers in wage theft overtime cases, whistleblowers in Federal Qui Tam Cases and parents in complex custody cases. Dann has successfully assisted clients with developing bankruptcy strategies and has brought affirmative claims against banks and financial institutions on behalf of clients. He has also assisted clients with state regulatory and compliance issues.

Dan Solar


Daniel M. Solar is an Associate with Dann, Doberdruk & Wellen focusing primarily on foreclosure defense. He received his B.A. in Political Science from Denison University in 2006 and his J.D. from the University of Akron School of Law in 2009. He has been licensed to practice law in the State of Ohio since 2009.

Prior to joining the firm, Dan worked as a freelance attorney on numerous complex corporate litigation matters focusing primarily on the discovery process. Dan has also interned with the Cuyahoga County Public Defender’s Office and served as a law clerk for a firm in Akron, Ohio during law school where he focused on a variety of tort matters and related insurance litigation.

In addition, Dan has prior experience in the origination of mortgage loans that gives him a specialized, in-depth knowledge of both sides of the mortgage lending process.

Bar Admissions: Supreme Court of Ohio

James R. Douglass

James R. Douglass was the first practitioner in The State of Ohio to recognize and successfully prosecute an action against a bank and foreclosure law firm for the despicable practice of the Robo-Signing of mortgage assignments.

Having represented police unions, mortgage brokers and banks in his career Mr. Douglass is an authority in DUI Law, Criminal Law, and Foreclosure Litigation.

With this expertise, James provides his clients with skill not possessed by other practitioners in the Cleveland, Ohio area.

In addition, with his keen knowledge of the constitutional and statutory limitations placed upon courts in the State of Ohio and the courts jurisdiction or lack of jurisdiction to hear disputes involving particularly situated individuals or disputes Mr. Douglass is well versed in constitutional, common and statutory law. With this particularized expertise, and his knowledge of the inter-workings of the mortgage industry, James has been remarkably successful in keeping his clients out of court and in their homes.

James R. Douglass Co. LPA was formed in 1996 as a litigation based general practice firm dedicated to the representation of small businesses and individuals.

Mr. Douglass is a Life Member of the Judicial Conference of The Eighth District Court of Appeals and thereby is recognized as one of the prominent trial lawyers in Cuyahoga County, Ohio. He is licensed to practice law in Supreme Court of Ohio, United District Court for the Northern District of Ohio, United State Court of Appeals for the Sixth Circuit and United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit. James has distinguished himself as an authority on the constitutional and statutory limitations placed upon particular courts and their ability to exercise their jurisdiction over particular individuals and disputes. We provide our clients with powerful, professional representation in all levels of state and federal court.

The Dann Law Firm Staff

Katheleen M. McAllister, Administrative Assistant

After several years of working her way through what seemed like every department at Cuyahoga Community College, Kathleen graduated from the college and began a search for employment that might prove more rewarding. She loved her years at the college, but jumped at the chance to work for former Ohio Attorney General, Marc Dann, in his, along with his partners mission to end unwarranted foreclosures in the state of Ohio.

“I had never worked in a law office before. I find it incredibly interesting and challenging. I recently became a Notary Public with the help of the firm, which allows me to feel like I am even more involved in the legal process. However, the thing I enjoy most is interacting with the clients, who show so much charisma while overcoming their own challenges”.

Nicole A. Novinec


Nicole graduated from the University of Akron in 2003 and went into the banking industry shortly thereafter. Although proficient and successful in that career path she felt a calling to work on the other side of things, helping people who are facing foreclosure. With several years of Credit Analysis and Underwriting experience she brings a wealth of knowledge to the firm in working with the Opposing Counsel on Loss Mitigation.

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