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2 comments on “The Dann Law Firm Website
  1. Jerry Younkins says:

    I’m glad to see an attorney that’s not afraid to fight for a homeowner that has been done wrong by chase. It’s nice that the gov passes all these laws but are afraid to enforce them on chase. I’ve been going through the same hell for 2 years and after filing a complaint with the CFPB in feb of this year last week they produce all this paperwork that I’ve never seen when I signed my modification in August of 2012.
    I hope you can help these people and maybe some help will come for other people dealing with chase

  2. Tiffany Thomas says:

    I have been having difficulty with my family home since my grandmother and mother passed away. I hired an attorney to handle the probate but the mortgage lender had flat out refused to work with me to get the remainder of the mortgage into my name or consider an altered loan. My hands are tied to where I am stuck (disabled, single, mother of two small children) paying a loan in my maternal grandparents names, and the title is in my mothers name. It’s ridiculous. The loan is low and the monthly payment is high. They have double billed me for insurance and been doing some “creative book keeping” to change the payment amount throughout thee most difficult time of my life. I have been financially raped and they know it.

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