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Ohio Should Put the Death Penalty on The Table in the Budget Crisis

Convincing Ohio’s policy makers to catch up with the rest of Ohioans about the significant problems with Ohio’s Death Penalty is apparently going to be harder than I thought. On October 6, even in the midst of the growing body

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Massachusetts Judge Requires Foreclosing Servicers and Lenders to Prove They Own Their Note

It is truly amazing to think that in 2009 in the United States that it would be newsworthy that courts are requiring those filing a lawsuit to have an actual interest in the outcome of the litigation  but welcome to

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Law Office Of Marc Dann

3515 Prospect Ave. Cleveland, OH 44115 216-373-0539 Cleveland 330-759-4155 Youngstown 216-373-0536 Facsimile mdann@dannlaw.dcom

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Whistleblowers Matter: Enhanced Efforts To Root Out Fraud Can Enhance Health Care Reform

On a smaller scale, unethical physicians, hospitals and businesses are committing millions if not billions of dollars of fraud every day by billing for unnecessary services, misrepresenting the value of the services for which they bill, self-referring in violation of the Stark Law or violating the Federal Anti-Kickback law. Fraud by such medical providers have been exposed by a diverse group of whistleblowers including billing staff, competitors, sales and marketing staff for drug companies and other providers and patients.

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How Many PUCO Members Does it Take To Screw Us With Light Bulbs

We had a chance a few years ago to reshape the PUCO with members who were committed to protecting consumers. We let that chance slip away.

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Ohio Supreme Court Lets Wells Fargo v. Jordan Stand. Foreclosure Plaintiffs Who Do Not Own the Mortgage at the Time of Filing Lack Standing to Pursue Cases

Seeking legal advice is more important than ever for homeowners facing foreclosure in Ohio. The issue of standing could cause thousands of cases pending in Ohio courts to be dismissed.

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