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Better Options for Underwater Homeowners

While Ohio’s economy has begun its recovery the Realty Trac in January reported that over 25% of Northeast Ohio homeowners remain underwater, owing lenders more than their home is worth. Statewide the percentage is slightly lower but enough to keep

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Liability Issues of CFPB Regulations

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“Fresh Starts.”

When people ask me what I specialize in, I tell them, suing banks, then after they chuckle, I tell them really our law firm is about “Fresh Starts.” During the most challenging times in my life, I have found that

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Hitting For Singles

When I first began the work of representing homeowners in foreclosure several years ago I truly thought that the battles of protecting consumers would be won or lost by raising issues regarding fraudulent, deceptive or negligent business practices on an

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Alternatives For Homeowners Facing Sheriff’s Sales

Too often we receive calls from homeowners who were deceived by their loan servicers into not defending their foreclosure case and who end up with a judgment of foreclosure. While I have written before about how the Ohio Supreme Court

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The Foreclosure Crisis is Not Over

As Martin Andelman points out, reports of the death of the foreclosure crisis have been greatly exaggerated. According to, foreclosure filings in Ohio were up by six percent at the end of 2014. According to Bankrate, 1 out of

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Failed Termite Treatments Gives Rise to Serious Consumer Fraud Lawsuit

Last night  Fox 19 in Cincinnati reported on a tragic situation involving the home of one of our clients.  Mary Ellen Boutet of Reading Ohio paid to have her home treated to prevent termites and continued to pay for annual treatments

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Fox 19 in Cincinnati Exposes Terminix Consumer Fraud Alleged in Dann Law Firm Suit in Hamilton County

Fox News Previews Tonight’s Story that runs at 10:00 p.m.

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Lessons Losing A Supreme Court Case: Retaining a Lawyer is More Critical Than Ever

Its never fun to lose a case. And it is especially not fun to lose a case in the Ohio Supreme Court. That is why it has taken me a couple of weeks to write about the Court’s decision in

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CFPB Brings First Enforcement Action under Regs X and Z

In the first of what should be many The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau entered into a $37.5 Million settlement with Flagstar Mortgage today. The CFPB outlined conduct that our office has attacked on behalf of our clients since the new Federal

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