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Failure of Banks and Fannie and Freddie to Write Down Principal is Against Their On Interest

A column in today’s LA Times  makes a compelling case for Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac to rethink their adamant opposition to principal forgiveness. Michael Hiltzak’s analysis also highlights the hypocrisy of the still mysterious Attorneys General settlement. The dirty

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There May Not Be an AG Settlement After All

The American Banker Reports that there is not so much as a term sheet, let alone a final enforceable settlement agreement between State Attorneys General, the US Justice Department and the 5 largest mortgage servicers. If a lawyer in my

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Imminent OCC Settlement with Bank Servicers Leaves as Many Questions as Answers

The imminent settlement between the 5 largest U.S.Banks and State Attorneys General will make it more important than ever for homeowners in distress to be represented by competent counsel. A big part of the reason that the banks are signing

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AG Settlement Will Not Block Private Action Against Mortgage Fraud

Homeowners will still need Lawyers

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